The Capsules

A new training concept to deliver quality training

In 2019, WE Health has created a new concept: The Capsules.


They will help to scale the WE Health activities while reaching out to new regions thanks to the collaboration with new partners: Medical University of Lodz (Poland), University of Barcelona (Spain), Grenoble Ecole de Management (France), La Caixa Foundation (Spain) and Glintt company (Portugal).

A WE Health Capsule is a one-day workshop on a particular topic, providing women the opportunity to be involved in a day full of inspirational talks, case discussions, idea generation and exchange of experience in health innovation focusing on the role women are playing and how their value creation can be enhanced.  


Past events:

  • 8th May - Women Empowerment Day (Medical University of Lodz)
  • 19th June-WeNURSE: Unconventional Entrepreneurs in Health (University of Barcelona)

Future events:

  • 18th September-Women investors day (La Caixa Foundation)
  • October 2019-Women barriers in the business world (Glintt-Global Intelligent Technologies S.A)
  • 5th November-Women entrepreneurs in the Health sector (Grenoble Ecole de Management) More info:


Past events

8 th May - Women Empowerment Day

On May 8th, the Medical University of Lodz hosted the first capsule of WE Health aimed at young women, students in different health professions

The Women Empowerment Day gathered a large group of enthusiastic young women, future health professionals, exposing them to new ideas and insights in terms of knowledge and skills development meeting with inspirational female speakers from different health-related fields.

At the onset, Lucyna Woźniak MUL’s Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations shared her personal experience in becoming a leader in research and education, followed by Dorota Kilanska inspiring all the participants by relating her success story of implementing the international regulation for nursing in Poland. Magda Rosenmöller from IESE took them on a journey into the world of dancing, for lessons on co-creative leadership. Finally, participants learned to about Design Thinking Methodology in a workshop led by Magdalena Wrzesińska from MUL.


19th June- WeNURSE: Unconventional Entrepreneurs in Health

In this one-day workshop undergraduate, postgraduate, master and doctoral women students in nursing were invited to create innovative solutions for challenges related to ICTUS. In a day full of inspirational talks, participants were introduced to several methodologies to co-create solutions together with citizens and different stakeholders. Two ICTUS associations (Child Hemiparesis Association and Barcelona ICTUS Foundation) interacted with participants to identify better solutions.


Why is it important to empower women to innovate in nursing?

Focusing on empowering women in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship within healthcare, nursing is a profession dominated by women. The innovative and entrepreneurial potential of nursing needs to be highlighted: nurses have broad knowledge and holistic vision of care provision while working on the frontline with patients, families, and communities. In their interdisciplinary work, they interact with all different actors. Being present in all moments of a patient's life, they are the best to identify and understand patients’ needs and look for solutions.

Workshop in Lodz
Lodz 2

"Women bring a different point of view"

How was your career path to reach your current position? What were the main decisions that lead you to your current positions?

I would say, hard work, always trying to deeply analyze things. But also, it required a large amount of flexibility, openness, always looking at all opportunities. I am not sure I had to take hard decisions, but small moves towards doing what I think should be right.


Why did you start your career in the field of healthcare?

I did not start my career in the field of healthcare. Well, maybe the realization of medical illustrations was a first step. But, I am a strong believer that communication, education and information are crucial in the field of healthcare, and therefore there’s a nice connection with my background in communication and educational technology.


What are/were the main challenges you encountered as a woman pursuing your career?

I am not sure that I encountered challenges ‘as a woman’. On the contrary, I think that I encountered support. Of course, I had to stop working during 6 months after giving birth to my twins. But I know men who had to take longer leaves.


There is quite a high proportion of women working in the healthcare industry. Why do you think there are so few female founders, female investors, female heads of departments in laboratories and hospitals and in healthcare-related management positions?

It may be due to the attitude. I think that I am able to support anyone who would take the initiative, but I don’t feel that taking the initiative myself. One needs a lot of self-confidence and to believe strongly in the outcome and maybe some women lack these elements. For instance, I would never do anything just for me or because I think it’s good, I would need external support/pressure to do so.


What traits do you think you have that helped you reach your current position?

I am a hard worker, always there to provide support, at any time, with a positive and listening attitude. I always try to bring forward ideas, with arguments to support them.


What role did (or do) mentors & supporters have during your career?

Very important, I would say crucial, a boss that supports and pushes you, a husband always there to give advice.


If you were about to pursue your career from the beginning or found a venture right now - which field/trend/technology would you look into?

Statistics, Analytics and visualization, to be able to work with data. I am not saying this out of the blue, I personally take training courses about this.


What do you think is needed to support women entrepreneurship in healthcare?

Women bring a different point of view; it should be taken into account when developing any business if there is unbalance among the profiles involved. This means, I believe in diversity, I always have doubts when a business/activity is designed or run only by men, or only by women.


Do you have any message you would like to share with other women that are thinking about pursuing an innovative idea in the field of healthcare?

There’s a lot to do and willing women have all the capacities that are needed. Finding the right support is key, nobody can do things alone. Also, you have to believe in your idea and never get tired of evangelizing it.

You can get to know more about Lydia by following her on twitter.