Presenting the first inspirational speaker of Module 1, Caroline Dahl

Exploring and finding solutions


The module “Unlocking your inner innovative potential” is about exploring participants’ entrepreneurial ambitions, their strengths, weaknesses and creating action points for the future. The program has also invited speakers to present a new mindset around entrepreneurship in health innovation. Caroline Dahl is interested in exploring and participating in free research and innovation.  Her exploration has led her to study abroad at the University of Edinburgh, take a PhD in Oxford and work on innovation research with Microsoft.



The entrepreneurial journey; applied entrepreneurship


Caroline returned to Sweden to participate in the Clinical Innovation Fellowship at the Royal School of Technology where she and two other students spent time at a cardiology clinic. After in-depth analysis, they identified problems and created a solution in the form of a product. Their company is named after the nurse that helped them understand the procedures in the clinic: Ortrud medicine. The company logo is her handwriting.


Caroline’s exploration has taken her into many different contexts and environments. The common theme has always been the possibility for clinical innovation – a form of applied entrepreneurship to explore and findsolutions to problems. And she believes that a small company is the best place to perform free research.





Besides working on Ortrud medicine, Caroline works as a mentor for young professionals in health innovation. Examples include students in Uppsala who are working with heart health innovation and mentoring people at the Royal School of Technology to improve patient compliance.




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