Welcome to the new blog and social media channels of the Women Entrepreneurs in Health Network (WE Health Network)!

This is the place to meet, exchange ideas and be inspired for all women who really want to drive innovation and change in health care. 

You will also find all the information on the activities, events and initiatives of WE Health. For the year 2017, we have organised a series of three workshops on managerial education, particularly directed at the women innovator and entrepreneur: Karolinska, Stockholm in June; TUM, Munich in September; and IESE, Barcelona in OctoberWe will keep you informed about these workshops, as well as other courses and events that could be of interest.

As well as the workshops, we are keen to move the comments and debates from our digital platforms to face-to-face spaces, organizing meetups and encounters where you can share and network with peers and like-minded (or not!)  professionals. You will have the chance to meet with a selected group of leading women in the health sector who will share their stories and guide you to achieve your professional goals.

We look forward to meeting you and working together.

The WE Health Team
Cristina, Federica, Hanna, Helen, Magda, and Stefanie.